Five Simple Ways to Make Sure Your Computer Stays in Top Condition

Your computer is a treasure trove as it contains data essential for your business – and your personal life. It is also what you use to continue your quest for learning and improvement. You access the vast World Wide Web through it. Therefore, it is important to do all that you can to make sure that it stays in top condition no matter how old it gets. Here are five simple tips you might find helpful.


  1. Delete Programs, Especially the Ones You Barely Use

Every time you use your computer, as you turn it on, there are programs that you do not notice are open. These programs slow down your computer and often contribute to its deterioration. Remove these programs by uninstalling them. Simply go to the Control Panel and click on the Uninstall a Program command. You’ll find a list of programs there; just click on the ones that you do not use and want to delete. Always double check a program or app before deleting it. Make sure that you really do not need it before uninstalling.


  1. Use the Defragment Option Regularly

Defragmenting the hard drive is essentially like putting back together all your programs and files that were broken up. Regularly schedule a day and time for you to defrag your hard drive. Doing this will help your computer continuously function well.

  1. Use an Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS

Nowadays, we experience a lot of unannounced power interruption. To keep your computer safe, use a UPS or uninterruptible power supply. This will give your computer enough time to prepare for the power outage, and you’ll have a few minutes to save your files before the machine powers off completely. With a UPS, you will keep your computer safe from power interruption damage (i.e. erratic electricity supply movement).

  1. Buy an External Hard Drive for Your Data

Keep your files and other data safe by storing them on an external hard drive. If you do not have an external HD, use the cloud to create backup files. This is important especially if you rely a lot on your files.

  1. Put a Protective Cover in Your Computer and Never Drink or Eat Near It

Cover your computer with a protector. It can be a shell case or a simple but envelope-like casing. And while you’re at it, there should be no eating or drinking anywhere near the computer. If you spill water or any other drink on your computer will lead to major problems.

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