Is Location Independent Business the Future?

Over the past eighteen months, many businesses have gone through quite a substantial change as remote working and more flexible working options have become more common, and in-office attendance isn’t as required as it once was. It has helped to see other industries go through huge growth as the likes of online entertainment has only continued to thrive during this time, particularly through streaming services and online gaming options found at amongst many others – but the biggest change could yet to be seen, as many individuals go out on their own with freelancing options, and location independent business starts to take hold.

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This change has come hand-in-hand with the launch of many remote working visas around the world leading to a huge uptick in the number of digital nomads, many particularly favour those self-employed positions, and as travel starts to return to normal it’s certainly looking like the number of people working remotely from another country will only look to increase, particularly as the benefits of remote working options become more available as other businesses start to adjust their own models to make it more accessible. 

Most business has been moving increasingly online over the years, in many aspects it has what allowed flexible working options over the past eighteen months to succeed much in the way they have, but with a physical location requirement becoming less of an issue it may certainly lead to a drastic increase in the number of location independent businesses, particularly in the tech sector for things like social media and marketing, and there are plenty of success stories for those who have managed to successfully go out on their own and make things work, whilst also living successfully and comfortably.

Although it brings a lot of excitement, there are some drawbacks to this change being seen too – for as many success stories as there are, there are plenty who have  tried to make the change and fell short with only the good news being publicized more often and could lead some into a false sense of security if they feel it’s a sure thing. It’s also something currently operating in a niche space, and whilst expanding won’t be something easily accessible to everyone which does skew how prevalent it is as it currently only makes up a small part of how people work.

Over time, however, with all of the big changes coming and a push for other options like a four day working week, location independence will certainly become a more common change to be seen as the requirement for physical locations continues to become less required, and workers continue to explore all of the options becoming more available to them.