What Is Setting Your Blog Apart?

We talk a lot about defining your audience and knowing who you are as a blogger.

But what about who your blog is? What makes your blog unique?

Regardless of the type of blogger that you are…there are lots more in your niche. There are something like 152,000,000 blogs online today. That’s a lot. I found these numbers absolutely stunning.

It really makes you sit down and thing, why would anyone come to my little site, among so many others. 

And I know, I get discouraged too. I think we all do, at times! While it’s a tough question to answer, it is an important one too. You need to give your readers something that keeps them coming back to you, and not drifting off to the next pretty pin they see on Pinterest or funny story that comes across their Facebook feed.

What is going to keep them coming back again and again?

Well, you are. Your brand. The things that make you, you.

In all of our chasing of numbers in the blogging community a lot of blogs are starting to look exactly the same. Creativity is dying and for many, so are page views. Blogging is constantly changing and we have to do our best to keep up.

I’ve found that the easiest way to do this is to be me. To find what I enjoy and figure out ways of making it marketable and profitable.

While those 152 million blogs can make each of us seem small, they also put things into perspective. Every pageview, every subscriber. . . they found YOU out of 151,999,999 other choices that they had. They chose YOU and your voice for a reason. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, whether you’re starting with juts that one fan or you are already up to a million followers yourself.

Finding your voice in the middle of the vastness of the internet can be hard, but it’s so worth it! Don’t be afraid to let a little bit of YOU show through even in the midst of tips, and tricks and hacks. Your words and how you are saying them matter.